It started out as a dream. Then slowly, it becomes a reality. And through the years, the reality continues to stand amidst all the hardships and trials that has come its way.

Through the great efforts of Dr. Nestor V. dela Cruz and His wife Mrs. Myra R. dela Cruz, of February 1993, St. Dominic Savio College was born. But during that time, SDSC was first known as St. Dominic Savio School that catered only to the grade school and high school levels. Armed with its vision – mission of Total Development of a Person, SDSC opened its doors to students from all walks of life.

Housed in a modest two – storey residential house, SDSC welcomed twenty – three (23) students in the pre – school and grade school programs at the start of its operations in 1993.

At that time Mr. Ednel S. Garcia and Ms. Virginia Maraguinot were designated as the Administrative Officer and Principal, respectively. And in its second year of operation, the High School Department opened as a result of the great support provided by the community.

The enrollment doubled and the Pre–School and Elementary Department were given recognition by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS).

The need for expansion and improvement of its facilities were eminent, thus, SDSC embarked on a long term development program. With this, a five storey spacious and well – ventilated building was constructed to accommodate the growing number of the enrollees. The construction of a new building was a strong indication that SDSC provides quality education and excellence.

In less than three years, the dreams become a reality. St. Dominic Savio College continued its noble and humble mission of producing students that embody its vision.

On June 1995, St. Dominic Savio School was renamed to St. Dominic Savio College. The change in the name signified its strong commitment of making quality education accessible to all for it signaled the entry of the institution in the realms of higher education.

A wide selection of courses ranging from Mass Communication to Business Administration to Computer Science greeted the students.

The opening of the College Department made the institution more accessible to the students, community and the neighboring towns, provinces, and to the foreign students as well.

Additional courses were included in response to the growing call and demands of students residing in the cities of Caloocan. Quezon City, San Jose del Monte and nearby towns in Bulacan.

The following school year there were new courses offered namely: Midwifery, BS Nursing, and Computer Engineering. Likewise, the Graduate School also opened with the Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Arts in Education (MAED) and application for doctorate level immediately followed.

The opening of the graduate and the tertiary levels of St. Dominic Savio College is undoubtedly a vital contribution and stimulus for progress not only for the individual student but also for the development of the country, and appointed as Head of the College Department was Dr. Carolina T. Prada, a well known mentor and administrator in the field of higher education.

In response to the vision and mission of SDSC which is Total Development of a Person, it further streamlined its personnel wherein coordinators for the elementary, high school and college departments were appointed.

The appointments to these positions ensured a more effective administration of the students’ and the department’s needs.

The first batch of graduates of the College Department marched and received their diplomas in school year 1998 – 1999. The first batch of students of the two – year Hotel and Restaurant Management and Computer Secretarial earned their degrees and marched into the real world.

The school year 1999 – 2000 saw the graduation of more than 30 students from the various academic programs. Hence, SDSC continued its quest for academic excellence. This year also saw the organization of the varsity program that aimed to develop the youth in the field of sorts.

School year 2000 – 2001 was a totally different year for SDSC. With a yearning to establish a name in the field of sports, SDSC joined the ever – growing National Capital Region Athletic Association.

The strength of its varsity players was tested but most have manage to perform well, particularly the men’s beach volleyball team which placed second at the National College for Business and Arts competition. Likewise, SDSC made its presence felt in the Manila Association of Colleges, Universities Athletic Tournament (MASCUAT). SDSC was champion for two consecutive years in the cheering competition and with victories in the basketball and volleyball events.

Moreover, good things are yet to come for this young educational institution for the SY 2001 – 2002 saw SDSC shifting its focus on the arts. Selected students of SDSC bested schools from all over San Jose del Monte City had won the Best in Modern Ethnic dance contest of the San Jose del Monte against Drug Addiction Committee (SADAC), Moreover, enrollment increased in the nursing program of the College of Health Related Courses.

The great demands for nurses abroad propelled the enrolment to almost three times as compared to last school year’s figures. Even with the sudden surge in enrollment, SDSC was prepared for this and managed to cope with the demands of the students in providing education in the highest form.

With this increase in enrollment, Dr. Nestor V. dela Cruz, SDSC President, saw the need for young and dynamic administrators who could provide fresh insights in the management of the College.

The school year 2002 – 2003 is yet another colorful year for SDSC. Enrollment continued to increase with the influx of students in the nursing program and other courses such as Accountancy, Mass Communication, Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Aside from this, SDSC scored another triumph during the annual Sangbuklod Dance Festival, which was participated by all the barangays in San Jose Del Monte City. SDSC placed 3rd out of more than a hundred groups which participated in the street dancing contest.

The academic performance of the past years continued to reign through the following years. The good Lord showered the school with a great feat in the June 2003 Nursing Board Examinations.

The nursing graduates showed feather of pride in its cap, when SDSC ranked third (3rd) beating more than 60 examinees coming from different schools in the country. More importantly, 12 of its students landed in the Top 20, wherein the topnotcher of the Nursing Board Examination, Ms. Myrene Villanueva, came from SDSC.

Aside from this the nursing graduates of SDSC were able to garner 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th place in the June, 2003 Nursing Board examination. In December, 2003, Board Examination SDSC ranked 4th in the overall with a passing performance of 93%. During the June 2004 Board Examination, SDSC was named as one of the performing schools.

The December 2005 Board Examination saw the college ranking 12th overall with a passing performance of 87.6%. And once again, another Savian made it to the Top 10 of the December 2006 Nursing Board Examination, Meliza Alvarado Sotelo placed 5th in the December 2006 Nursing Board Examination.

Meanwhile, in the field of management, Savians made it to the Top three for two consecutive years of the Inter – School management Quiz Bee sponsored by the Council of Management Educators (COME).

In this inaugural stage held last January 2006, SDSC bagged the first place award and placed second on January 2007 competition. And at last we won the championship for two consecutive years last January 2008 and January 2009.

In the field of the arts, the SDSC Dance Troupe Continuously showcases its repertoire of songs and dances via their well acclaimed SM Mall shows.

SDSC holds the distinction of being the only college in Northern NCR to be invited by the SM Management to hold the performance for two consecutive years. And last April 2007, SDSC Dance Troupe was declared as champion at the Biay Festival Street Dancing Competition held in Subic, Olongapo.

The year 2009 was a good year for SDSC. Our very own SDSC family member, SDSC Dance Troupe joined the prestigious event, ‘One Philippines' at Seoul in Korea. Spearheaded by the Philippine Department of Tourism, the festival last May 30-31 was a part of the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Philippines 111th Philippine Independence Day and Migrant Workers Day.

St. Dominic Savio College in its quest for Quality and Excellence was ISO 9001:2008 certified last November 18, 2009.

Last November 24, 2009 our valiant St. Dominic Savio College’s High School Boy’s Basketball Team won the Interschool Basketball – Volleyball League championship game at a score of 14-0.

Once again Savians made it to the Top ten of the November, 2009 Nursing Board Examination. They are: Perla B. Santiago is the 7th placer; Lilia C. Piramide,8th placer; Nerissa N. Layag,9th placer; and Maria Cecilia C. Tejedor is the 10th placer.

These are some of the holistic development SDSC gives to its students. And throughout the years, St. Dominic Savio College believes that it has consistently fulfilled its vision and mission which is Total Development of a Person, producing graduates who have strong values formation that is to be service to others and be responsible leaders of the new millennium.