St. Dominic Savio College Hymn


Beloved St. Dominic Savio College

To thee we give our hearts

Love for God, country and self

Is the greatest, the greatest of all.


Beloved St. Dominic Savio College

To thee we give our courage

Be a model, leader shining guide

From thee we learn to lead



Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!

St. Dominic Savio College

Long Live, long live in harmony

(Unity) To love, to lead and to serve.


Beloved St. Dominic Savio College

To thee we give our helping hands

thy vision, mission be with us.

In the service of mankind.





    As a College, SDSC seeks to uphold and communicate truth by instilling it in the Savian scholar in all his scholarly, personal and professional pursuits. 

     As a Filipino College, SDSC seeks to protect, preserve and promote Filipino culture. Through his healthy understanding of his national identity, the Savian scholar will be his nation’s spokesperson to the global community.

     As a Filipino College with global perspective, SDSC seeks to prepare the Savian scholar to the rigors and demands of the boarderless world.

     As a Savian College, SDSC seeks to realize the TOTAL DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONS. The college seeks to be a witness to the life and deeds of its patron saint, St. Dominic Savio , and to be an apostle to the saint’s philosophy of “ love, leadership, and service”.

   St. Dominic Savio College professes to seek all these through passionate commitment to excellent teaching, scholarly research and active community service.



    The founder envisions SDSC, in two decades time as one of the country's premier institution of higher learning in the holistic development of globally competitive and conscientious leaders and professional through:


1. Definitive excellence in education that meets national demands and global standards;

2. Social activism for the improvement of the quality of life and general welfare of men;

3. Access and equity in scholarly  opportunities; and

4. Elevation of the institution to university status.


    Within the framework of this vision, the school pursues a mission translated into attainable goals. The mission exemplifies the task of instilling in each and every student the teachings of St. Dominic Savio, the authentic tradition and values as well as the attitudes, habits and knowledge that will contribute to make him a truly Christian Filipino.

Pursuant to the vision, mission and objectives of the Patron Saint of the Youth, St. Dominic Savio College commits itself to carrying out the following objectives:


      1.Produce Total Human Persons with a knowledge and understanding of dynamic Christian Living by encouraging them to nourish the practice of honesty, responsibility and chivalry.

      2.Develop students with fine tastes and manners and strengthen their commitment to preserve the traditions and values of the Filipino people. Provide a learning atmosphere that is vital to the intellectual, moral, spiritual and socio-cultural consciousness of the students.

      3.Excel in the development of the basic academic competence and potentials of students, thus recognizing and appreciating the values of arts and science for progress and growth of an individual.

      4.Manifest preparedness for higher level of learning through a balanced and adequate instructional program for the students’ learning and mastery of fundamental knowledge, attitudes, habits and skills that recognize the value of human and material resources.

     5.Develop leadership potentials among individuals who are vocationally and academically efficient, whose skills and training would enable them to earn a decent living, render worthy services to the community and contribute to nation building. And above all, a globally competitive person who has a genuine love and pride for country and its heritage.